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It is easy to get cash advances online. If you haven't used the Internet for a payday loan before, you may not know where to turn, but there are plenty of suitable companies to choose from. You can start by browsing some of the top online providers of cash advances and payday loans that we present here on We list information with each cash advance company we list to help you select the right one for your needs.

Yahoo Cash Advances
While we list a nice selection of payday loan providers, you may want other choices. One place to turn to is the cash advances directory in Yahoo.

They list more providers than we do, so you will definitely find ones that we don't list. On the other hand, they only provide a very short and general description, that isn't of much value. So you'll generally have to visit the links to get worthwhile information on the services in order to compare them.

By default, the listings our in order of popularity. According to Yahoo, this means they are displayed in order of popularity with users and relevance to the category. Yahoo Search technology is used to determine the order.

If you want, you can click the "Alphabetical" link next to where it says SITE LISTINGS in order to get the payday loan providers listed in alphabetical order. This ordering is most useful when you are trying to locate a particular company, and you at least know the letter it starts with.

For more alternative providers of payday loan services, check out the Google Directory of payday advance services.

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